Proud Trash - 私 の ペイジ
I post gifs & reblogs. My blog is mainly about Anime, Manga, Jpop, sometimes Kpop & random stuffs. Reminder: This isn't a spoiler free blog. Currently watching anime:
Haikyuu, Daiya no A, Barakamon, Fairy Tail, Free!, Zankyou no Terror, Tokyo Ghoul, Kuroshitsuji, Aldnoah Zero, Re:Hamatora, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Shounen Hollywood, SAO II, Tokyo ESP, Akame ga Kill, Bakumatsu Rock.
"Every time we make a decision, we moved towards the future.
People can't help but to always keep choosing their own destiny."

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"あなた ことば いつも ただし” | Jellal x Erza

Then I’ll split open my gut  for straying from the way of the warrior. - Souji Okita

"Tonight sinner is you, Luca! The limone pie is too small!" - Dante, Debito, Pace

"…….but, I can’t have you found just yet" - Jolly

Oración Seis || Cobra x Angel

Change Your World cover edit | My monitor’s brightness is rather dark today, so it might be too bright on your PC :)

Kamenashi x Nakamaru

Made this because I’m bored