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"Every time we make a decision, we moved towards the future.
People can't help but to always keep choosing their own destiny."

"All of our practices, experiences, and strategies are being broken by force. Well, I guess the actual path to victory doesn’t really matter. The one that lets the ball fall on the court loses. That’s everything."

"Tobio, I might actually lose to you, considering how quickly you evolve. But….., that won’t be today!"

"Let’s play our baseball until the end"

"We have two batters in front who can disrupt the opponent. We have batters who can adapt to the situation, and most importantly everyone knows to swing with confidence. This year, we’ll be able to take Narumiya down. Let’s play our baseball until the end." - Yuki Tetsuya
Satou Nice (ft. Art & Murasaki) as requested by maiality
"The rigt man for the right moment."
Tanba Kouichirou as requested by kouichirouu

Chibi Miyuki appreciation post - Ace of Diamond ep.47

"If, only if, since it's a very low chance statistically speaking we went to Nationals, wouldn't it be cool?"
Akira Nagao as requested by kominato-kyoudai