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The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?

We tried to go higher, to a higher stage, but we were thwarted until our third year in junior high.”

"Cruhteo wasn’t the traitor, but I’m"

"Iwa-chan, if you think too much when you don’t have a brain, you’re going to hurt your head."

I can’t with oikawa’s “kyah!” tho

"This is a good luck charm given to me by a dear terran friend when we arrived at earth. I heard all manner of stories regarding earth from him. About the sea, about the sky, and about creatures who live there."

"Was there any reason they had to be killed? The whole world is messed up. It’s you guys who are screwing it up!”

"I’m not afraid to swim anymore. I had fun. Tachibana-sensei, thank you!"