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"Every time we make a decision, we moved towards the future.
People can't help but to always keep choosing their own destiny."

- What were you thinking?
- You should have stopped at second.


Hearing the cheers around me, I felt the wind at my back
Going anywhere together I’ll give you an amazing performance

STAY GOLD//Matsumoto Jun

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero

I’m going to administer justice.

The one standing on the mound is the ace! That’s the feeling we should all embrace during the game!!

We’ll go down in  h i s t o r y

The drifting cloud that is never trapped by anyone and walks it’s own path.


chubby hamster club uwu 

Everybody hands up! Coming up now
I’m an intimidating disco star
A cheerful weekend in a crazy world
This feeling isn’t deja vu

Disco Star//Aiba Masaki

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero


Soramaru kumo :x


Right now, you're the only person that can save your friends!!! [Fairy Tail Ch. 384, Attack of the Stars]